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How to Log In

To log into the AUCC SIP, enter your AUCC email which follows the format ( and enter your password, then click on the Login button.

  • Probable Feedback Messages
    • Username doesnot exist in this system : This means that the AUCC email address(username) you have entered in the provided field doesnot conform to the standard AUCC email address format. You need to thoroughly check the entered username for any typing errors.
    • Your account has been DEACTIVATED : This means that you haven't activated your account for the semester. If you are still a student, ensure that you have paid atleast 60% of your school fees and your SRC dues. If you have completed school, please make sure you do not have any outstanding debt at the finance office .
    • This Username and Password combination donot match : This means that the password you entered doesnot match the AUCC email address(username) provided. Make sure that your password has been correctly entered.

How to do a password reset

If you have forgotten your password or your can't log into the SIP for any reason, then you might want to do a password reset.To do a password reset, follow the following steps:

  • Password Reset Procedure: Click on the "here" link below the login button to lead you to the password reset page. Correctly enter your AUCC email address(username) in the field provided and click on the "Reset Password" button. If your username was correctly entered, a new system generated password would be sent to your AUCC email address. If your personal email address is captured in the system, a copy of the mail containing the new system generated password being sent to your AUCC email address would also be sent to your personal email address.