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About CollegeMS

CollegeMS is an institute-wide ERP built to automate various processes and systems an academic institution. Our system is user-friendly, powerful and packed with features which enables you to simplify the task of planning, managing and delivery of academic activities efficiently. CollegeMS is backed by full time developers and support team, working round the clock to drive efficiency for your institute.

Our Recent Clients

African University College of Communications
Dominion University College
Western Hills School of Nursing
Clients' Testimony

"We had struggled with a number of such systems at automating various processes and activities of our Institution. We have had to abandon it and go back to the manual way of doing stuff due to worsenned challenges with even the systems that purport to provide us with solutions.
CollegeMS is unique and indeed the solution we needed. An awesome set of tools for efficient management of our Institutions. Simple and adaptive user interfaces and most importantly an effective customer-support team always available to assist us."