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Core Features

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Core Modules

Simple and informative Icon driven dashboard which enables anybody to use CollegeMS within seconds of login. The simplicity of the user-friendly interface, means that anyone with basic computer knowledge can quickly use the system with minimum training. Easy to learn and easy to master

It displays latest news on dashboard among other useful facts and tools


Maintain a comprehensive list of all application details. Define course specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Track the full status of student applications throughout the admission process, from inquiry through application, admission and enrollment.

Admissions officers can define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Configure rules and conditions for provisional registration. Access student data from anywhere and streamline evaluation processes, which allows you to automatically approve or reject applications for specific courses, or assign them to staff.


All registrations for particular course(s) are recorded and collated automatically. Student’s enrollment and registration for courses are governed by configuring rules and conditions for such registration. Registration is either completed or failed based on set criteria and the student's eligibility. Automatically capture student data and register all types of students, including new, transfer, continuing, credit and non-credit students.


Maintain comprehensive details of all students, including bio-data, picture and contact details of guardian/parents. It has student view facility based on programme, Surname and student ID. The advanced search facility helps to search for specific type of students based on large number of filters


The Finance module has comprehensive fee classification which are mapped to their respective accounts from the chart of accounts. Accounting functions are tracked accordingly by both administrators and students simultaneously. The system has the ability to generate and maintain invoices and receipts for all financial transactions. This helps all stakeholders to manage and monitor all the accounting activities of the institution and to maintain the books of accounts. Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available

It integrates with all relevant modules that have information for accounts and gives us single-window information. Detailed financial reports can be generated by authorities to track and monitor the institute’s finances and cashflow. This will help to make informed decisions with fee import facility for faster system use.


CollegeMS maintains comprehensive staff / faculty information, including qualifications and skill-sets. Optimize work allocation to faculty and staff based on job type, or for a specific occupation, and present time schedules of each staff member without conflicts. Customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific faculty. Roles and privileges are assigned based on functions and not on personalities


Powerful, web-based Course Management software designed for end-to-end course life-cycle management. Manage both online courses and classroom courses with functionality to assign courses to faculty, etc. This module helps you define your programs and course offerings with the academic structure setup in CollegeMS.


This facility helps you create different types of exams based on grades, marks etc. It provides you the ability to configure your own exam qualification rules for various types of exams. Manage the invigilation of your exams with Invigilator Assignment. It has grade book for faculty to grade students and extensive Report feature such as generating broadsheet

Administrator can have various statistical and Graphical view of all reports


Inbuilt messaging system to facilitate information dessimination and collaborations. Easy and quick way to send messages to any user/group in the system for effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents

It has functionality to send messages in SMS (single/bulk), e-mail, dashboard formats to individuals or groups based on your prefered settings at your convinience.


A unique feature to schedule and manage classes with course/faculty allocation. This module helps you to assign classes to designated room/hall for a particular period of time. It then makes it convinient for students and faculty to know where, when and which course they have at any point in time in managing their time. Various reports can be generated from it.


Library Management module includes Digital Library, Cataloging, Circulation, Library Account Management, Stocktaking, Acquisition, and Reporting for effective management of library resources. Library Manager allows you to manage books and maintain complete details of all academic material in your organization.

Manage book acquisitions, provide self service for users and configure library accounting with this solution. Browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued, filter book using available filters as well as manage book issue / returns / renewed status


Manage requests for hostel / accommodation and define room allocation rules efficiently with Hostel Management module. This module maintains comprehensive hostel/Hall information including caretaker details, room booking status and occupant details. You can monitor hostel fee payment status for each student and maintain comprehensive hostel inventory information with Hostel Management Software.

Academic institutions can set up learning centers, multiple campuses, diverse faculties, allocate rooms to the students, change rooms for students and generate diverse reports


Record malpractice and unacceptable student behavior in exams and other learning activities. It has a feature to register a new complaint, record disciplinary action on student as well as sorting or searching for complaints. Users can view all registered complaints/disciplinary action and generate reports thereof


This module helps you manage and create store categories, type, stores and Items, supplier types and supplies as well as Purchase Order. It allows for requisitions, approval/rejection and release of items which are recorded and update within the stock manager. Reports on stock levels, suppliers, requestors can be generated at all times.


Create custom report for student and staff

Custom name can be given for the custom report

Create custom report based on input criteria based on large number of fields available

Create the report to display based on the user requirement

Arrange the report display as required

Displayed custom report can be rearranged in ascending or descending order based on any of the fields available in the displayed report

View / Delete custom report facility