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CollegeMS ERP is backed by full-time dedicated developers and support team, working round the clock to drive efficiency in your institution.

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Why Use Collegems: Suports Services

Our topmost priority is your continued satisfaction with our System and services. We consider our clients our most important stakeholder and thus provides the best of support we possibly can. We are proud of our customer support record and we aim to help you even more. We provide the following support service throughout our engagement with you

Implementation Services

We provide various forms of assistance and documentations to guide implementation of CollegeMS in your institution. This includes templates, simulations and/videos.

Customization Services

CollegeMS is fully developed from scratch and owned by us. Hence we are able to adapt to certain complexities and unique requirements of your institutions. We offer customized plugin development for you and configuration to meet your special needs

Migration Services

We also offer a data migration services if you have legacy systems or scattered data in your institution. You help you refine and structure these data into our templates for migration. We have done these with 99% data integrity across the many integrations within our client-institutions.

On-site Training

Once we complete integration, we develop and offer custom-made on-site training for a number of user-groups. We back it up with well-crafted role-oriented user-manual developed to provide step-by-step user-guide. We also provide regular online support via phone, email, whatsapp, etc.

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+233 548 360 189 / +233 277 025 337
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